Our Core Services



Creative is an important element for a company to succeed. Leading the team, connecting with customers and designing for operations require innovation. Coming up a brand new idea is not easy but executing it with perspiration is even much more difficult. ......


Digital Innovations

We understand the underlying impacts of using different digital innovations. Therefore, before getting new technology in use, our team will conduct concise consultancy so as to fully understand the needs of your company and customers. ......


Media Strategy

Things are revolutionizing everyday including the ever-growing digital marketing industry. Media communication transformed from one way storytelling into dynamic storytelling. The day when people relied on only one media platform to get the first hand information has gone. ......



Want to send eDM efficiently and effectively or update your website anytime and anywhere or start launching your online business? Our APPDEV services including Motivator 2.0, PL-CMS and e-Commerce can set your mind at ease and help you to develop the best solution. ......


WeChat Marketing Service

WeChat 5.0

What is WeChat Marketing?

WeChat 5.0 offers many possibilities that marketers have been longing for. With proper strategic deployment, WeChat can truly bridge the gap between O2O marketing, reach new customers virally, and build even stronger ties with customers. ......


O2O Photo Booth


O2O Photo Booth helps brands build emotional connection with customers, realize seamless social integration on Facebook and Wechat, and use NFC, Microsoft Kinect, Leap Motion, etc. to trigger even more engaging experience. ......


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