I am a Runner

14 February, 2014

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It’s Autumn again! Guess what! The running season is finally here. Being one of the most loved running brands, adidas is keen to bring this running trend to all of you in this marathon season. Through this digital campaign, we want to engage runners with a different challenge and provide a platform for them to share their running attitude.


You run for a reason. To keep healthy, to challenge yourself. To relax, to make friends, to show YOUR ATTITUDE. This belief keeps pushing you forward, to run faster, to beat the past self. We want runners to inspire others as well by sharing their running attitude and we want to unite all runners together to face different challenges.


Several opinion leaders, professional runners are invited to talk about their belief in running. In the same way, we ask users to share their running attitude by uploading their running photos. An online platform is established for users to create their own portrait with their running record. Through a wide range of media exposure together with the collaboration between other running communities, the concept “I am a runner” has gone widespread! Hundreds of inspirational quotes are generated in this unique platform.



stories are uploaded by runners


views of running stories


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    “I am a Runner” Campaign

    Excellence in Integrated Marketing - Silver

    Marketing Excellence Awards 2014