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9 June, 2014

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Being the official sponsor of FIFA World Cup 2014, adidas HK is devoted to own the world cup moment with one decent message – all in or nothing. Alongside with media hype, an event was setup in Hysan Place, CWB with exhibition, digital activation and interactive installations to engage consumers. We help to engage consumers and drive online citizens to the battlefield event to propagate the key product theme – Battle Pack.


Consumers are engaged in 3 main arenas associated with this event: (1) Online Battle Pack Yourself (2) adidas x Captain Tsubasa Instagram Campaign and (3) Battle Pack Yourself Photo Booth.

1) Online Battle Pack Yourself – an online photo upload campaign in our campaign site for users to experience the battle pack effect virtually.

2) Captain Tsubasa Instagram Campaign – an instagram photo campaign with designated hashtags in the theme of Captain Tsubasa.

3) Battle Pack Yourself Photo Booth – O2O strategy and digital activation for interactive battle pack photo capture.


We built a campaign site which serves as the hub of this trans-media campaign and is capable for user registration, such that users can collect all battle pack photos and print out their customized battlepack yourself slip instantly at the battlefield event.

This battlepack yourself slip is introduced as a monotone, thermal paper slip which can be printed with customized user names, corresponding battle pack pattern and promotion messages. Consumers can simply type in a unique printing code and collect their own and unique battlepack yourself slip at the self-served kisok for souvenir redemption.


Project Management/ Andrea Wong, Ryan Lee Creative Director/ Lennon Ho Art Director/ Natalie Wan Copywriter/ Bond Sze, Lala Lui Designer/ Ki Lam, Rings Yan Developer/ Don Chan, Kong Lee, Snowie Mok, Toby Ho Programmer/ Lung Chan, Lynn Chan, Kening Li System Support/ Harvey Tang


registered participations

photos were uploaded online or through instagram

facebook content were generated and shared


  • award-2015-iac-adidas_world_cup_battlefield

    adidas battlefield Campaign

    Best Sports Integrated ad campaign

    2015 Internet Advertising Competition (IAC)

  • award-2014-mea-adidas_battlefield

    adidas battlefield Campaign

    Excellence in Integrated Marketing - Silver

    Marketing Excellence Awards 2014

  • award-2014-mea-adidas_battlefield

    adidas battlefield Campaign

    Excellence in Mobile Marketing - Bronze

    Marketing Excellence Awards 2014