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Advanced Time Zone Facebook Campaign

11 December, 2012

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What is the best moment in your life? Graduation? Puppy Love? New Marriage?

We all cherish the good memories and would like to go back to the moment that we enjoyed so much, especially having the best skin quality. Time cannot be rewound, but the skin quality can be turned back to the good old times. You would be amazed by Advanced Time Zone that helps your skin to take off 10 years in just 5 days!

3 famous beauty bloggers, Cynthia, Brenda and Do Do, shared with us how their skin condition go back to their best moment in life through Youtube, to get prepared for the year-end re-unions. The videos are embedded to the new Facebook app in Estee Lauder Hong Kong Fan Page and have successfully got more people to view the videos.

From this Facebook app, user can register for a free sample, vote for their best moment and comment on how Advanced Time Zone helps them to rewind their skin quality!

Act now and share how you retrieve your skin at the best moment! You may be able to win the Advanced Time Zone Grand Prize to welcome all year-end gatherings!