Amway Digital Experience Store

19 January, 2015

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Showrooming is often seen as a threat to retailers, who fear shoppers looking at products in-store then buying elsewhere. Amway was also facing the same challenge while they opened their first experience centre in Hong Kong in early 2015. That is why, rather than boosting the number of visitors, we have to provide a solid solution that can further convert foot traffic into actual benefits and sales.


We believe that experiential marketing can help us to give potential customers a better understanding of products, and furthermore, create a stronger desire to purchase. Hence, we have made use of NFC technology to present a brand new “shop-and-play” experience in the centre, where customers can enjoy a series of digital installations with one Smart Experience Card.


Utilization of NFC Technology
Customers would be given a Smart Experience Card upon designated amount of purchase in store. This NFC-enabled card will seamlessly merge all the offline activities with the online social media platforms, and hence, facilitate the entire customer experience.

O2O Connection
After completed a simple online registration, the Smart Experience Card will be activated and connected to customers’ Facebook account. Since then, every action they did in the store will be recorded in the card.

In-store Engagement
To increase the level of in-store engagement, a series of interactive installations have been set up at the centre. By using their Smart Experience Card, customers can take part in a range of digital experiences and take snaps in the photo booth.

Social Exposure
Customers can check their records anytime with their smartphones, and share it on different social media platforms to create a higher awareness.


Project Management/ Sybil Yeung, Rachel Lo Creative Director/ Lennon Ho, Don Chan Art Director/ Kelvin Choi Copywriter/ Bond Sze, Lala Lui Designer/ Cany Pun, Clark Wong, Ming Chan, KC Leung Developer/ Kong Lee, Toby Ho, Snowie Mok Programmer/ Lung Chan, Lynn Chan System Support/ Michael Leung, Endo Yeung


In first 2weeks of opening

NFC Activation

Booth Check-In

Social Media Sharing


  • award-2015-markies-amway_digital_experience_store_silver

    Amway Digital Experience Store

    Best Use of Technology - Silver

    Markies Awards 2015

  • award-2015-markies-amway_digital_experience_store_gold

    Amway Digital Experience Store

    Best Use of Retail - Gold

    Markies Awards 2015

  • award-2015-markies-amway_digital_experience_store_bronze

    Amway Digital Experience Store

    Best Use of Gaming - Bronze

    Markies Awards 2015

  • award-2015-markies-amway_digital_experience_store_bronze

    Amway Digital Experience Store

    Best Idea - Gaming - Bronze

    Markies Awards 2015