Augmented Reality Bus Shelter Installation

19 August, 2015

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As the launch campaign of Nestea’s new ice rush product series, we intend to do something different to give an icy surprise to the audience. We aim at letting customers feel the cool from the icy-rush watermelon tea and to have a pleasant feeling in hot summer days and thus boost the sales of this new product series.


In order to let you feel cool, we want to start with the environment. We want to show the message that the new Nestea Ice Rush Watermelon Tea can instantly cool your body and also the whole environment. The AR (augmented reality) bus shelter is set up to serve this purpose.


In order to let audience feel the cold, we transformed the whole place into an icy environment by implementing the AR animation into a real bus shelter at Causeway Bay. This AR bus shelter will capture the background footage of the real environment. 3D animation will be shown combined with the real environment to make it like the real situation when you looked into the screen. The animation showing is about icy feeling, snowing environment with blizzard to show that it can instant freeze you. Besides, a viral video is associated to further describe this bus shelter.




Project Management/ Ryan Lee, Andrea Wong Creative Director/ Lennon Ho, Don Chan, Steven Lee Copywriter/ Lala Lui, Jasper Wu Designer/ Ki Lam Motion Graphic Designer/ Aporia Lee Developer/ Kong Lee, Cyrus Au System Support/ Endo Yeung