Bank of China (Hong Kong)

Kiosk Game

25 January, 2013

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Bank of China (Hong Kong) is going to launch its new concept branch in Causeway Bay, the interior design would be stylish and equipped with different e-digital facilities for customers to have a completely new experience in it.


  • To raise brand awareness and strength presence of the BOCHK new concept branch
  • To attract more visitors to the new branch for circulation and business boost up
  • To project a younger image of BOCHK


In order to attract the visitors to visit the branch and presenting a brand new digital image, we have prepared the Touch Screen Kiosk for the BOCHK new brand to visually attract the people.

With the interactive game, it can attract the customers to try to play after enjoying the banking service with some incentives. At the same time, it can also project a younger image of BOCHK with this digital kiosk.

For this development, we have helped to work out the creative, the gaming mechanism and those animation; besides the game, we have also helped to setup the physical machine with the movable kiosk stand, which would be flexible for the branch arrangement.