Beach Defense Facebook Campaign

13 July, 2015

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Neutrogena’s suncare with patented Helioplex technology is its hero product, which offers 3X stronger protection than sunblock of the same SPF level and stably last effective for 5 hours. This summer, Neutrogena launched a new product line of Beach Defense sunscreens with water protection. Our campaign objectives are to create awareness of this newly launched product and boost local sales.


The Helioplex technology is product superiority of Beach Defense which provides advanced protection from the sun and water. To make the product stand out from competitors, our campaign idea is to reveal the differences between using Beach Defense and other sunscreen with the campaign message of “3倍超越同級SPF產品”.


In order to deliver the campaign message to fans, we developed a Facebook application to introduce Beach Defense with UV camera video, which compared the protection efficacy of Beach Defense to other sunscreen when skin expose to UV light. Based on the campaign idea, we also invited 8 ambassadors to share testimonials that compare Beach Defense and the sunscreen they use with 5 aspects in UV resistance, long-lasting protection, texture, amount for application and water resistance.

To cross-sell other Neutrogena’s sunscreens with Helioplex, a simple test is designed to help fans to find the most suitable sunscreens for themselves. Fans can either download e-coupons to purchase in-store or enter to Watsons online store through Facebook application for immediate purchase.


Project Management/ Sandy Lee Copywriter/ Yetta Yang Designer/ Toni Cheng Developer/ Snowie Mok Programmer/ Silver Lam


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