Estée Lauder

Beauty Café Digital Activation

19 January, 2015

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Estée Lauder’s first-in-town beauty café is opened in Hong Kong Causeway Bay shopping district. The interaction-focused store invites every customer to have an enjoyable moment. Meanwhile, there are digital activation provide a totally new in-store experience. This approach target to provide a cozy environment with tea and pastry served to learn, see and try something new.


Estée Lauder provides a wide range of variety of skin-care solutions taking care different kind of skins and needs. Sometimes, we want to learn more by ourselves. So we work out interactive solution to educate customers as well as sampling.


Touch screen interactive booth
The machine is setup in the store for customers to learn the product knowledge. Follow the step by step Q&A flow, customers understand more their skin condition. And the machine will provide a full set of skin solution best fit their needs. As well as a set of samples to try.

iPad version
iPad runs the same interactive game as touch-screen booth. The mobile app enable everyone in the shops to play with it inside the shops. As long as the customers learn their skin condition from the iPad, samples will be shared to them according to the result of the game.


Project Management/ Ray Tang, Nicole Tsang, Wing Chow Art Director/ Natalie Wan Developer/ Kong Lee


2 mins +

on users journey


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    Estée Lauder Beauty Café Digital Activation

    Best Retail Mobile application

    2015 Internet Advertising Competition (IAC)