30 March, 2015

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On spring 2015, together with Mission Blue and REEF EXPLORER FIJI, charity platform BIOTHERM WATER LOVERS supported the creation of a new aquatic garden on the islands of Fiji, with an airy limited edition redesign of its cult classic CC Evenness.

To arouse public’s awareness on FIJI reef recovery plan, educate user with the skin care tips for traveling and promote the new C.C. Cream, we suggested Biotherm to use both online and offline media to accomplish integrated digital marketing.


Happiness, Energetic and Ocean are the most important features of Biotherm. Thus, we created the Facebook online campaign themed with BIOTHERM WATER LOVERS “斐”凡之旅. Moreover, we encouraged fans to interact with brand by sharing their amazing travelling photos themed with those three features and their travelling memory. Meanwhile, we disseminated product samples and provided skin care tips according to user’s personal situation.


For the online channel, we created a Facebook tab themed with BIOTHERM WATER LOVERS “斐”凡之旅 with both desktop and mobile version. Fans can pic a skin care question which they concern the most during travelling, then they will receive relevant tips helping them to solve the problem. With filling in contact information, fans can also receive a redemption letter of the product samples.We also offer a grand prize which contains travelling coupon and skin care products for fans who love travelling. Fans are encouraged to share their travelling photo and stories to win the prize.

For the offline channel, we setup a selfie booth for customers to selfie with FIJI themed frame at retail stores. Customers can share their selfie photo on Facebook, Weibo, Whatsapp and LINE by easily scanning the QR code with mobile device. To maximize the viral effect, customers who share selfie photo on social media with hashtag #biothermhk #aquaticgarden will be awarded one more product sample.


Project Management/ Kenix Wan, Rainbow Wong, Lulu Sun Art Director/ Kelvin Choi Designer/ Cany Pun Developer/ Snowie Mok, Kong Lee Programmer/ Lung Chan, Henry Yau System Support/ Michael Leung



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