Boost Battle Run Hong Kong Campaign

25 January, 2016

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To continue the success of the “BOOST” series, adidas launched a new yearly branding campaign in late 2015, targeting urban runners who run for social and health reasons. To reinforce the brand’s position as the leader of Energy Running and pave the way for 2016 Hong Kong Marathon, PacificLink was appointed to propose a digital solution that would create buzz and induce engagement.


Energy Running is more than lacing up and logging miles. It is a sports-driven social movement which reflects the way how people are running “their way” with the support of peers. The concept of “Battle Run” is developed to bring runners together as a team battling against other teams instead of merely individual challenges. The group setting for the event was contrived in attempt to increase the level of participation and further strengthen the emotional bonding between adidas and the runners. An integrated O2O platform was setup to synergize the online and offline experiences throughout the 8-week campaign period.


Awareness & Recruitment – Campaign Site
The campaign site ( served as the central hub for all runners. To start the game, runners could join one of the battle running teams via Facebook connection, and link up their personal miCoach account on “adidas train & run” mobile app to track all running records. Core members of each running team were flagged as the influencers who would take the lead in promoting the campaign, recruiting new runners and providing guidance to other team members. The encouraging atmosphere motivated not only newer members of the team to become more engaged in running, it also prompted the core members a stronger sense of belonging, which pushed them further with the desire of contributing more to the team.

Activation & Engagement – Team Battle
The 11 running teams competed with each other in the aspects of running, socializing and completing online missions. All missions were announced on the campaign site bi-weekly. Each team was asked to complete running challenges of different levels while having to “occupy” the running routes across the city before the other teams did. Team scores and achievements were updated live. Runners were encouraged to create thematic photos with customized photo frames that include a team logo and running records. As they shared the photos on social platforms like Facebook and Instagram with designated hashtags, they were rewarded with points.

Reward & Motivation – Interactive Gashapon Machine
To increase the level of interest and engagement, Energy Stations were set up in 3 designated adidas stores for prize redemption. When runners unlocked designated mission or completed certain achievement, they would be most welcome to come to the Gashapon machine, scan their activated valid QR code on the QR code scanner connected to the Gashapon machine, and collect an Energy Ball as a reward for completing certain tasks. The Energy Balls were capsuled with a prize redemption coupon; they could use the coupon to redeem their prize in stores.


Project Management/ Wing Chow, Gloria Chan, Andrea Wong Creative Director/ Don Chan Art Director/ Rings Yan Copywriter/ Lala Lui Designer/ Ki Lam, Toni Cheng Motion Graphic Designer/ Aporia Lee Developer/ Snowie Mok, Soya Yip, Kong Lee Programmer/ Lynn Chan, Lung Chan System Support/ Endo Yeung


views to campaign site in 2 month

registered participants

Energy Ball were given out via Gashpon Machine


  • adidas Boost Battle Run Hong Kong Campaign

    Excellence in Customer Engagement - Bronze

    Marketing Excellence Awards 2016

  • adidas Boost Battle Run Hong Kong Campaign

    Best Use of Technology - Silver

    Markies Award 2016

  • adidas Boost Battle Run Hong Kong Campaign

    Best Idea - Digital - Silver

    Markies Award 2016