Bracelet Promotion Event 2015

17 April, 2015

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PANDORA Hong Kong offers a special promotion to give away stylish sterling silver bracelets with purchase! Follow the success of bracelet promotion event last year, PANDORA appointed digital agency PacificLink iMedia Limited to assist on the promotional campaign again. Through the campaign, it aims at rewarding the fans and shoppers with the valuable bracelet during purchasing as well as expanding the fans base in Hong Kong. We target to drive great sales revenue as well as boost the number of fans during this campaign!


As the shoppers are entitled to get one of bracelets for free during purchasing, to avoid long queuing and better arrangement on event day, we develop a digital activation solution to let user have the greater in-store experience.
Through the online facebook application, fans are able to reserve the bracelet and select the suitable store and timeslot in advance. At the same time, PANDORA is able to adjust the quota according to the real situation.


Registration via facebook application

All facebook fans can even make a reservation of their choice of jewellery. They are invited to register via facebook to select the preferred store and timeslot, and then visit the selected store to reserve the choice of jewellery and bracelet.

This application also contains a backend system to allow PANDORA able to adjust the quota based on the store and timeslot, as well as keep tracking all records.

Confirmation email / SMS

After fans complete the online registration, they will receive a confirmation SMS or email from PANDORA. Our system also allows resending the SMS and email if fans request to do so. Fans are required to present the confirmation at store during event.

Facebook management

Besides the development of facebook reservation application, we are also in charge of the facebook maintenance. Providing fully support on both technical and customer service, we follow up all online enquiries via various channels to solve fans issue at once and let them enjoy the fabulous in-store shopping experience!


Project Management/ Kenix Wan, Joe Wong, Yoyo Ng, Rainbow Wong, LuLu Sun Designer/ Cany Pan, Judy Zhou Developer/ Bill Yu Programmer/ Lung Chan, Silver Lam System Support/ Harvey Tang



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