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Brand HK Website Revamp

4 August, 2016

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Brand HK website is an open window that brings people all around the world up to date with what has happened in Hong Kong, promoting Hong Kong as “Asia’s World City”. Therefore, having a maintainable website to facilitate efficient regular content updates is extremely important. Besides, to increase reach of the content and achieve better performance, it is necessary to improve accessibility for people with disabilities, enhance user experience, as well as leverage social media to spread the content.


CMS Development
To enable Brand HK to take control over the website content, we have built in a customized CMS (Content Management System) which allows frequent and simple updates to be made to the website. It is so easy to use that one could make instant changes to web content without worries about needing the technical skills to modify the codes that built the web design.

WCAG Conformance
WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) conformance is considered to be one of the significant new features. We have met the success criteria of level A and AA to make our content reach whole audience. All the designs are optimized in terms of fonts, colors, contrast, content and so on to improve accessibility to people totally blind, low vision and sighted, working towards a barrier-free web.

Social Plugins
To leverage the influence of social media, we have added a suite of social plugins to enable website visitors to share the content seamlessly to social media such as Facebook and Twitter, aiming to drive referral traffic to our website.

Responsive Design
With more website traffic generated by mobile devices, we used responsive design techniques that could make the website accommodate screen sizes of desktop, mobile and tablet, to deliver first-class experience on all devices, where the content is always presented correctly.


Project Management/ Vincent Ma, Emerald Zheng Developer/ Herman Lam, Chris Chan, Alan Ho, Alan Yu Programmer/ Gavin Tse, Cheong Chow



Level A and Level AA Conformance to WCAG 2.0