Blossoming Rewards : Social Media Engagement Campaign

12 June, 2016


Blossom Campaign was a seasonal campaign run by Citygate Outlets Hong Kong. It intended to promote summer collections to shoppers. To increase foot traffic, we also aim to engage more oversea shoppers with our newly launched social media platform – Instagram and WeChat.


The campaign was designed to boost fan growth and drive foot traffic by leveraging the influence of social media. We set up an interactive panel and a redemption counter to give away attractive incentives to shoppers who had followed the Instagram and WeChat of Citygate Outlets. Considering most of the shoppers use WeChat as instant messenger, we also created an activation to ask participants to share brand message via WeChat to friends.


By following the Instagram account of Citygate Outlets, uploading a photo with hashtag #ShopStayFun and #CitygateOutlets, participants would be rewarded with a tote bag, and the photos would be displayed on a digital booth, on which users could touch to search information. In this way, we turned foot traffic into fans, driving people from offline to online. Participants were required to share the brand message with their friends on WeChat before they can receive the rewards, so that we increased social media presence of Citygate Outlets to drive people from online to offline.


Project Management/ Ryan Lee Designer/ Annie Hung Developer/ Soya Yip Programmer/ Vincent Fung System Support/ Endo Yeung