Corporate Website Revamp

23 February, 2016

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As the Construction Industry Council website suffers from lacking of focus in content, navigation and purpose, the website’s usability and readability are expected to be improved. Besides of improving the content and the navigation, a brand new website design is required to create a better engagement with wide range of users. Further, a concise and flexible CMS is also one of the important point to be enhanced. The old CMS will be replaced and so as to maintain and update the website in a more effective way.

The content management is one of the largest topic and challenge during the website revamp. CIC has 8 main target audiences and major stakeholders. Wisely categorize the content can well improve the website’s user experience and so different target audiences can easily find their need and avoid to read the unnecessary content in the new website.


In order to well categorize the tons of content in the existing website, users can find the information either by roles or by functions. Hence, if you are the stakeholders of CIC, the new website is helped to group all the related content based on your selected role. Besides, the pages which you have visited last time can be found in the history list. We all experienced to spend so much time to find what we have seen. So this definitely a great feature to help you automatically bookmark your footsteps.

To make it more convenient to be browsed by the public, the website is developed with responsive design. The design of the new website is professional and concise with easy-to-use navigation. Video background is used instead of a static heroic banner in the homepage. It is the latest web’s design trend which can much modernize the whole website. Well use of icons is also a good method to explain the meaning of the content and fruitful the layout especially in the website with many text and information.

Further, a tailor-made CMS with user-friendly modification functions is delivered which can great help to maintain the new website more effectively.


Project Management/ Kenix Wan, Derek Ho Art Director/ Kelvin Choi Designer/ Clark Wong, Mok Developer/ Herman Lam, Bill Yu, Alan Ho, Cyrus Au Programmer/ Kening Li, Man Wong System Support/ Michael Leung, Harvey Tang