CTF 85th Anniversary Campaign

29 September, 2014

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In celebration of the 85th anniversary of Chow Tai Fook, Forevermark, the APAC’s biggest top quality diamond brand, is joining the local jewellery retail company to introduce the new Enamor collection, inspired by the romantic fairytale love stories.

With the introduction of this new product concept, Forevermark is keen on further establishing her young-adult oriented and high quality positioning through social and digital media.

A diamond master class is also hosted by Forevermark’s certified professionals as an incentive of the online campaign. It is nevertheless a crucial goal to ensure of quality of participants without sacrificing huge social reach potential.


In promotion of this brand new product concept, PacificLink has developed a psychological test for fun. It vividly demonstrates the romantic fairy tale in association with the product concept, and encourages female audiences to find out her “inner-princess” through the game.

We apply a simple, fun and strongly branded game mechanism to engage casual brand lovers. And meanwhile, participants with great aesthetic sense and creativity can compete to win a diamond class admission by rewriting fairy tales’ endings with their own words.

Well-crafted, product oriented social content are strategically placed on Forevermark’s Facebook fanpage in synchronization with the game launch, in order to extend the social reach of entire campaign.



game participants in half month


qualified entrants for Diamond Master Class in half month