DKSH FCS Club Gourmet CRM Platform

16 January, 2014

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DKSH aims to differentiate itself as a market trendsetter and provides Market Expansion Services to the Asian hospitality industry. They need a web platform to visualize their services and through this platform, they can strengthen the position of DKSH with customers and clients.

How to achieve the goal? DKSH established a web platform which offers its staff to access to company information and customer details; customers and Club Gourmet members to access to their own account information. Customers can also access to its suppliers’ websites!

To be more attractive, visual-oriented approach is used in the index page. The sliding banner on top would provide a concept to users about the service of DKSH when they first arrived the site. For the important sections under the sliding banners, each of them is represented by an image so that the section can be more prominent. It helps to catch the eyeballs of the users when they are glancing the site.

After joining as a member and logging-in, the Club Gourmet section is available for the users. It is the first and only loyalty program for users in the regional hospitality industry. Through this section, members can access to specific benefits in order to enhance their buying experience, such as earning Gourmet Points for redemption for some professional tools or educational courses.

Let’s check out this brand new platform here!