Estée Lauder

Double Wear Foundation 15 Hours Challenge

15 July, 2015

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Estée Lauder re-promotes their Double Wear Foundation online in the summer time. Double Wear Stay-in-Place makeup matches the need of ladies in hot and humid weather. Estée Lauder provide a range of franchise for selection, satisfy whoever sun-light-sensitive. We helps our client to create online to offline strategy and create noise in the market and encourage product trial.


There are a lot of foundation products in the market. How can we stand out with our great product benefit? We have setup foundation challenge and hit target audiences around Hong Kong in random. Give them a real trail of products under sunlight. And we also side-by-side compare our franchised products online.


We have established a tab page on Facebook and a mobile site to recruit customers online. Target Audiences can register online and get a sample at shops. This greatly generate a good online to offline traffic to store level and create a good sales opportunity.

In the campaign, we encourage the target audiences to trail the products under the sunlight. We have an up-to-date section at the mini-site, with the latest news of the foundation challenge event happening around Hong Kong. Give a higher exposure of offline event on online level.


Project Management/ Ray Tang, Nicole Tsang Art Director/ Natalie Wan Copywriter/ Lala Lui Developer/ Chris Chan Programmer/ Silver Lam


product samples registration

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page views during campaign period