EMSD Interactive AOT Booth

5 January, 2017

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At the Education & Careers Expo, the EMSD was there to promote its career opportunity and offer teens a chance to find out they career path. Through completing some simple tasks of the Augmented Occupational Training (AOT) Booth, they were to be introduced to the world of a mechanic.

Our mission is to raise awareness of EMSD career and enhance the understanding of different job duty, so as to induce interest and make it as an option for teens’ future career.


“Being an Excellent Engineer” is the key message in this campaign. To delivery this message to teens, the campaign was designed to introduce the job duty of engineer in a engaging and funny way and setup some simple tasks for participants to complete in order to gain sense of accomplishment.


Digital Activation & O2O experience – Interactive Photo Booth
Digital activation game was created to increase the level of interest and engagement. Also there was a hardware added as game tool to enhance the reality of engineer’s job nature. Participants were encouraged and able to gain interest in engineering career through the game mechanics. After the completion of the task, various results were released according to participants’ performance. They were invited to take photos with a virtual engineering helmet in the booth as a certificate. They, then, get the photo certificate which can be share in social media platform such as Facebook and WeChat.


Project Management/ Sybil Yeung, Frances Lee Creative Director/ Don Chan, Kelvin Choi Copywriter/ Jasper Wu Designer/ Wingyee Mok Developer/ Ryan Chan Programmer/ Lung Chan System Support/ Soya Yip, Endo Yeung