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16 August, 2013

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Miele is always caring for their exclusives member. Exclusives by Miele Website is launched to facilitate member experience and build up customer relations by providing information on member-exclusive offers, events and lifestyle tips as well as to let user register member and events online.


Magazine-like layout was adopted to provide attractive information and let users access to them easily. Also, newest promotion items and latest news is located at eye-catching area to gain attention. While using silver and bronze tone can carry an elegant look and feel as to align with the high quality experience provided by Miele.

The project serves as a good example for eCRM channel for corporate which aim at providing the best quality of service to their customer. Every banners and call for action buttons are tracked with different traffic rates. So client can easily learn what their customers are looking for and to provide them the best solution.

To enjoy the exclusiveness experience, visit Exclusives by Miele today!