CCB (Asia)

Eye Card Facebook Campaign

24 November, 2012

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CCB (Asia) wants to raise the awareness among the public about the new credit card- eye card through different online promotional platforms. It hopes to stimulate people for the application of the card.


By targeting the young generation as the target group, a campaign was held through the social media platform in order to draw attention. Cardface contest is held in Facebook and visitors were required to upload one image as the cardface and those with the highest number of voting would be rewarded with some new gadgets. Not only Facebook, as Hong Kong people are heavy mobile users, mobile site was also developed by using Instagram to upload images. In order to reach as much target audience as possible, participants could share the campaign to their friends and asked them to vote for their cardface design.
Besides, a photo booth was developed as a gimmick on the eye card press conference day and people can go inside the booth and take image in order to join the contest. Through the above activities, the launch of the eye card would be greatly promoted and hence, the number of the card application increased.