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9 June, 2014

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It is the 4th year of the Forevermark Promise Campaign, an integrated global brand campaign across markets. The Promise Campaign aims to highlight the assurance that every Forevermark diamond has met the brand’s high standards for quality and integrity.

Inspired by the belief that all promises should be as unbreakable as diamonds, the Forevermark Promise Campaign urge consumers and opinion leaders alike to make, and commit to fulfill promises to loved ones, friends, charities or even themselves.

Apart from creating brand awareness through digital channels, another key objective of the Promise Campaign is to formulate the theme communication better through inducing consumer participation and CRM data collection.


We believe every promise is unique and unbreakable, no matter the size it actually is. Hence in the Promise Campaign 2014, we encourage the public to commit their own promise to their lovers, families and friends, by connecting their social media profile to our campaign site ( A tailor-made promise video will be generated with the photos shared by the users and their love ones, together with their promise message at the end of it. This unique video would be shared to social media to show the promiser’s determination and bring up campaign virality. After a voting period at the later stage of campaign, Forevermark would select the best submissions and reward the winners with diamond jewelries, a helicopter trip with celebrities plus other great prizes.


Project Management/ Andrea Wong, Joe Wong, Lu Sun Art Director/ Natalie Wan Copywriter/ Lala Lui Designer/ Stanley Leung Developer/ Don Chan, Snowie Mok, Toby Ho Programmer/ Lynn Chan, Silver Lam


unique visitors within 30 days

promise videos were generated in 30 days

event guest register the wristband & 1/3 have interacted with the photobooth


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    Forevermark Promise campaign

    Outstanding Integrated ad campaign

    2015 Internet Advertising Competition (IAC)