FrutipsHK Instagram Account

30 January, 2015

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In 2015, Frutips is going to extend their presence on social media platform, in which they can build stronger emotional connection with the consumers. PacificLink has been appointed to set up an Instagram account for Frutips Hong Kong. Through this platform, we aim to strengthen the bond between the brand and the target audience, and thus stimulate their consumption frequency.


Considering that the target audience of the brand is teenagers, who are fun-seeking and highly sociable, we want to project a young and fun impression with diversified content mix, including brand delights, product relevant occasions, celebrity endorsement, viral videos and mini games.


Catching the wave of the new TVC starring Lee Kwang Soo, Korean actor also known as “The Prince Of Asia”, Frutips Hong Kong Instagram has soon gained massive recognition in the launch stage. Besides, street event and promotion in various channels also help to bring a boost in the number of new followers. For daily maintenance, we give all-round professional support including strategic planning, image design and content writing, which help enhance the brand image and gain loyalty from the teenagers.


Project Management/ Nicole Tsang, Wing Chow, Chris Yau Designer/ Ki Lam



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