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18 January, 2012

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A for Augmented, R for Reality. Two small letters, stand for an innovative and interactive experience! First time utilizing Augmented Reality technology, Buddy Bear from Happy Circus presents a whole-hearted greeting for the coming Chinese New Year, which will bring you far away from heaps of work documents, and give you a relief in an amazing virtual world. Now, just visit Happy Circus Facebook Fan Page and take part in “Happy Circus – Be My Buddy” campaign, you will be rewarded with a “Happy Buddy” folder. With this, in complement with our “Bear For Gold” app, you can meet Buddy Bear in all angles by simply using the camera on your mobile phone. All you need is to capture the image on the folder by following simple instructions, and you can immediately break out of the routine dullness and enjoy a surprising Chinese New Year. Show case in YouTube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oAM1U4q2uFE