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16 August, 2013

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HKFI wants to revamp their website with modern design and enhance the user’s navigation behavior. Also, they want the homepage to be more informative so that visitors can easily obtain the latest updates about HKFI.

Besides, they want to group and tidy the information which can minimize the page length. And also improve the usability of the functions (e.g. search function in Fire Survey) which have provided in the old website.


The HKFI website contains a huge amount of information. The revamped website helps to group all of this information and display it wisely. For example, a “hide and show” tabs can group the long passage by different sub-topics. Visitor can click and expand the tab to read the content. This greatly improves the structure of the page so that visitors do not need to scroll down the page too much but also can avoid displaying too much information in a single page.

The fixed header with the horizontal main menu can let visitors easy to navigate throughout the site.
Besides, a date picker is very user friendly which helps users to choose a specific date for searching instead of requires users typing the date in the textbox directly.

The home page also helps to improve more informative as the media release and upcoming events can be displayed on the home page directly.

Let’s check out the new site here!