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6 March, 2015

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Looking forward to further enhance her local social media exposure, actively considers establishing on top of her already mature Facebook fanpage.

Considering rejuvenating her social media fanbase, might as well looking forward to more infotainment based content in her very new channel as well.


With our professional team possessing years of experience in mass media publications, we created quality, interesting and highly-viral travel related content to maximize the followers’ engagement.  Those are ranging from comprehensive coverage of various hotels among hot travel locations, to fun-filled travelling tips and few known facts.

Soft-selling of offers on website, together with call-to-action stimulate mobile app download are also tactfully implemented to our engaging content.

Creative social campaign ideas were applied to stimulate further fanbase growth and directly trigger patronage with discounts giveaway.

All of above enable us successfully established a decent new social channel for on WeChat – a budding mobile SNS which is comparatively new and unexplored to many local operations of different tourism brands.



Facebook fans within first half month of fanpage launching