Dog Sports Day

7 July, 2014

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It is the first year of ICBC to hold Dog Sports Day cooperated with Pet Pet Group. PacificLink iMedia Ltd was appointed to establish a campaign site for recruiting dog participants to join such fabulous event.


PacificLink set up a Facebook page for ICBC Dog Sports Day recruitment and helped to manage all event update, including promotion video and detail publication, participants registration and video uploading, result announcement, etc.

This is the platform with convenience and funny recruitment page that we would like to present to all pet lovers and dog owners!


To share the joy of the Dog Sports Day to public, a simple and user-friendly Facebook page is established. Full of creative dialogue and video creating buzz and awareness, with the convenient upload platform to enhance the interest of pet lovers for easy registration. Meanwhile, users can share the joy to friends easily and invites them to cheer on their dogs in once.

Moreover, the most popular and latest communication channel – Whatsapp instant messenger is also involved to promote the event. Through this channel, the most updated promotion news can be broadcasted and spread instantly, huge noise is created.

Please have a look on the lovely dog participants and snapshots here!





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