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ICI Website Development

1 September, 2015

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As a brand-new institute under Vocational Training Council, International Culinary Institute (ICI) provides diversified trainings and programmes, giving students the competitive edge needed to move more successfully into the food, wine and hospitality sectors.

Strongly associating the brand with the word – ‘world’, the website acts as a platform to plant the seeds for desired reputation as a ‘world’ culinary school to take root. When the audience visit ICI’s website, the messages certainly revolve around the ‘world’ are shown. Through the website, it is easier to have a clear understanding about ICI’s brand and. Further, it provides one more channel to the public to apply ICI’s programmes online.


‘Diversified & Vibrant’ is the theme of the website so as to present a young and stylish brand image with 4 different refreshing themed colors – Red, Orange, Green and Blue. The magic and vibrancy come and shine if the audiences realize how the design works – especially the colorful graphic blocks which resemble national flags.

With more brand information, e.g. publications and press release, the public will know ICI is the place to learn the fundamentals. Or for those who already working in the field, it is the place to enhance their skills or specialize in some new cuisine type.

To make it more convenient to be browsed by the public, the website is developed with responsive design and it also adopts webs accessibility and meets the Sliver Award Web Accessibility Recognition Scheme.


Project Management/ Sybil Yeung, Grace Chan, Rachel Lo Designer/ Kat Lam, Mok, Judy Zhou Developer/ Herman Lam Programmer/ Gavin Tse System Support/ Harvey Tang