Lai Yuen

Super Summer 2015 Campaign

17 August, 2015

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Arousing massive anticipation from the public even before its launch, Lai Yuen Amusement Park is finally back to remind us the genuine childhood memories and the memories of the old Hong Kong. To restore Lai Yuen back into its former glory, collaboration of tradition and eccentricity is involved. Visitors will now come to the theme park, not only to relive the good old memories of Lai Yuen, but also to be surprised by the additional elements in the new ‘Lai Yuen Super Summer 2015’.


Lai Yuen has always been a place for families and friends, as should ‘Lai Yuen Super Summer 2015’ be. The new park is featuring some of the locals’ favorite delights with interactive booths and settings, making it possible for visitors to take away a digital imprint after spending some great time at the park. Read on to see how that makes ‘Lai Yuen Super Summer 2015’ more whimsical and engaging.

Spooky School

Interactive Digital Haunted House
Deep under the modernized city of Hong Kong, urban legends live on. The story of the Spooky School is loosely based on a series of events happened years ago. The haunted house itself is an extension to bring visitors into the horrid sensation through the digital means. Rusty and shabby though the haunted house appears to be, it is powered with a range of connected technology controlled at the backend to recreate frightening stories of all times.

AR Ghost Detector Mobile Application
Exploring the Spooky School is fascinating. But would it not be a little too passive to only get ambushed and feel scared for a ‘supposed’ exploration? If you, like many fervent fans of haunted house, want to make the exploration a more vibrant one, the AR Ghost Detector Mobile Application is there to serve for that purpose. With the app, you may scan around the area to detect for haunted objects (AR objects). Once you have spotted the right object, the ghost will spring alive in your phone. By taking a snapshot of the ghost, you will unlock the photo frames which you can later on use it on any pictures you take. And of course, you can share these photos to Facebook and other social media platform just as you like.

Horse Racing Game

Horse Racing Digital Installation
Horse racing in Hong Kong has a long history, and therefore, most naturally the horse racing culture blooms. This Horse Racing Digital Installation, like the real horse racing, is operated in a simple and entertaining way. Your only task is to cross the finish line as fast as you can. The best part of it is that you can actually have a race with other real opponents, making the match full of tension and excitement.

Horse Racing Mobile Application
The Horse Racing Mobile App is a miniature version of the Horse Racing Digital Installation. You may take some practice to grasp the gist of the rules of the horse racing game using this app. The leaderboard in the app allows you to compare your result with other opponents who have also taken part in the horseracing game at ‘Lai Yuen Super Summer 2015’. It is a fun way to extent the horseracing culture digitally.

Magic Mirror in the Good Old Days Collection Box

Using Kinect and face detection program, visitors who walk pass or look into the mirror will see themselves having an adorable animated animal hat placed on top of their heads. The animated animals are designs based on the signature dinosaur and the notable tiger and Tino the elephant that had once resided in Lai Yuen.

Nostalgic Photo Booth

Kinect x Photo Booth
Like many other elements in ‘Lai Yuen Super Summer 2015’, the Nostalgic Photo Booth is one of those installations that reminds you of the old times. As you walk into the camera, you can pose differently to trigger a different form of the classic martial art moves appearing on screen; snap the picture and that funny moment will be printed onto the Instaphoto you are to receive.


Project Management/ Sybil Yeung, Nikki Chan, Kenix Wan, Rainbow Wong, Ray Tang, Manfred Hui Creative Director/ Lennon Ho, Don Chan Art Director/ Kelvin Choi, Natalie Wan Copywriter/ Lala Lui, Jasper Wu, Yetta Yang Designer/ Cany Pun, Ming Chan, Mok, Rings Yan, KC Leung Motion Graphic Designer/ Aporia Lee Developer/ Kong Lee, Toby Ho, Soya Yip, Cyrus Au, Frankie Cheung, Snowie Mok Programmer/ Lung Chan, Kening Li, Lynn Chan System Support/ Endo Yeung, Michael Leung


In first month of opening

participations of the Spooky School

participations of the Horse Racing

photos were taken by Nostalgic Photo Booth


  • Lai Yuen Amusement Park LCK Super Summer 2015 Campaign

    Gold in Most Innovative Use of Mobile Technology

    Mob-ex Awards 2016

  • Lai Yuen Super Summer 2015 Campaign

    Best Entertainment Interactive Application

    2016 Internet Advertising Competition (IAC)