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23 September, 2014

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Letv, Beijing based corporation offering quality and high value television entertainment with 4K TV and licensed content, has entered Hong Kong market in July 2014. PacificLink was appointed to set up a Facebook fan page for Letv’s Hong Kong social media penetration. Through this online platform, we aim to establish informative, entertaining, engaging and purchase desire inducing communications with local audiences.


Letv is an innovative brand aiming to relate to young and trendy Hong Kong market segment. Our main target is to reinforce the brand awareness through introducing brand related content ranging from corporate updates to and mass media coverage. Besides, Letv adopts e-commerce as main sales channel. Therefore the fan page is an important platform to provide product information, promotion announcement and O2O2O (offline to online to online) realization.


In order to present a young and localized image, Cantonese in casual tone is applied in Letv fan page communication. A series of posts introducing Letv’s business model and core products are created to educate fans in an easy and fun-filled way. Letv’s various local sponsorship and partnership and highlighted through incentive campaigns and vivid content to further strengthen her locally engaged position as well.



Facebook fangrowth over first two months