13 June, 2014

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Objective is a very high traffic website of fast growth online snack business. Their website is a key platform to sell their snacks. In order to increase brand awareness, want to build a powerful ecommerce platform for their customers.


PacificLink set up an Ecommerce portal for by using Magneto and helped to manage omni-channel strategy, e-store, social, mobile, promotion, branding (happy circus), discount package and promotion of

This is the platform with easy navigation, convenience and powerful ordering system that we want to present to all snack lovers and fans!


In, users can find out products information, promotion news, company information and snacks ordering at the same time. Snacks are divided into different categories and all products are shown in either thumbnail or list view, which customers can select their own preference. With the special thumbnail of the snacks in the website, the products can attract more customers to buy it in once.

Please try the platform here.