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Live the life of ENVY

15 July, 2015

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A nice colour of lipstick definitely transforms a woman’s lip, look and attitude. In 2015, Estée Lauder Hong Kong launched new Pure Color Envy Lipstick to help ladies build their confidence and style. A digital marketing campaign which delivered playful yet informational details to consumers was designed to promote the product and communicate the message ‘Live the life of ENVY’. Users were also introduced to the exclusive lipstick engraving service which fans could choose the words to be engraved on their lipstick.


To meet the above objectives, a Facebook application was proposed to allow users preview the colours of the lipstick and to drive users from Online to Offline (O2O). The exclusive lipstick engraving service was also announced online. Users could preview how the engraved lipstick looked like and download shopping discount coupon alongside.


A Facebook Application with two major components was developed:

1)   Model demonstration: where users could take a look at the effects of the lipstick on several models. This is to create users’ desire for a change of appearance with the latest Pure Color Envy Lipstick

2)   Game page and shopping privilege: where users could preview the colours of the lipstick and the engraved words on it. Users could download the shopping coupon afterwards, or acquire shopping privilege information on another page of the Facebook Application.

Through the campaign, the users could learn more about the lipstick online, and then join the lipstick engraving service at Estée Lauder stores or counters offline. The results have shown that the campaign was welcomed by fans.


Project Management/ Nicole Tsang Copywriter/ Lala Lui Designer/ Natalie Wan Developer/ Nikmax Ma Programmer/ Silver Lam


users previewed their lipstick online

users registered for the shopping coupon

social sharing messages were generated throughout the campaign