Lodgewood by L’hotel Website and Mobile Site

9 May, 2014

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Lodgewood by L’hotel is a brand new contemporary boutique hotel and serviced apartment complex managed by L’hotel Management Company Limited. To stand out from the crowd, it is vitally important to show its unique concept to international travelers that here with a fun-filled and intimate urban oasis equipped with state-of-the-art facilities.

We believe images speak louder than words.
To provide a clear brand positioning to its target visitors, hero hotel shots are used to display the look and feel so that visitors to become familiar with the site and the brand itself.

Lodgewood emphasizes the importance to provide a chic, modern and green lifestyle to its guests. To match with the brand image, a modern look and feel layout of the site is presented. Unlike traditional layout, irregular grid and symbolic icons are used in showing the images and content. Through this treatment, the content can be shown in a fun and stylish way, yet it still looks neat. This would surely add a little extra flavor to the site!

Visitors can book rooms instantly no matter where they are in the site as the booking engine is located at the header for every single page.

More properties at different locations are coming in the future under the brand- Lodgewood. Stay tune and visit this brand new platform here!



visits of the first year launch (as of Apr 2014)