3 December, 2015

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Raffaello has launched a rebranding campaign in May to unveil its new brand message – “LOVE”. As part of this IMC campaign, an event was setup to engage with consumers in which a selfie booth was introduced and allowed users to take photos and share.


In order to promote this message, we created one of the smallest photo booth in the world to invite consumers to take intimate photos and to express their love to their love ones. Furthermore, this photo booth was customized to fit in the campaign theme and it was decorated as one of the Raffaello gift pack so as to get attention from the public.


Couples were invited to take photos in the booth. After taking the photos, they were able to get the photo stripes and also rewarded with the Raffaello praline. Consumers simply filled out a registration form and shared the photo to facebook can enter the lucky for a trip to Venice. The booth was setup in several busy areas such as LKF and cinemas to boost engagement.






Project Management/ Ryan Lee, Andrea Wong Art Director/ Rings Yan Designer/ KC Leung Developer/ Kong Lee Programmer/ Vincent Fung System Support/ Endo Yeung