Maxim’s Cakes Online Ordering System

13 June, 2014

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Since the market trend is changed, Maxims want to launch a brand new ecommerce site for cake ordering in order to maximize the sales volume.


PacificLink have been helped maxim’s to work on their ecommerce platform for 10 years. We set up the site within 2 months by using our readymade ecommerce framework. The ecommerce platform also applied to their sub-brand Arome ( within 1 month. Different ways of payment gateway integration were provided and it integrated with their POS / Logistic system in the website.

This is an excellent ecommerce platform of cake ordering.


The Maxims Cakes Website offers the latest products information including new products details and latest promotion products. With the beautiful and attractive cake shots visuals, the products’ selling points is highlighted. Different types of cakes are divided into various categories so users can find their favorite cake easily in the website. Also, Facebook and Email sharing icon is located on every product which can help to convey the brand messages by multiple means of platform, increasing brand awareness and penetrating new customer segments.

Please have a nice experience here.