Bliss Concept

McMug Digital Installation at InnoCarnival 2017

20 December, 2017

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Collaborating with Bliss Concept Limited and Innovation and Technology Commission for the third year to promote fun-filled technological interactive experiences, we create a McMug themed educational game this year at the InnoCarnival 2017 to let children understand the importance of environmental protection.


Springfield Flowers is under the attack of the wandering soot! Save the land by stomping on the pitch-black imp! To drive off the soot, gamers will have to step on the correct dance mat areas it appears correspondingly on the screen. If the gamer fails to bring down the soot in time, the patch of the land will degrade and crack. If the gamer manages to eliminate the soot and avoid stepping on the flowers, he will be rewarded with points. The more points he gets, the better he is with protecting Springfield Flowers and the environment.


Adapting a fusion of old and new technologies, we have successfully translated our creative concept into a digital solution that answers the goals and objectives of the event. We entice gamers with a simple lighthearted storyline to bring out the core message of the game. We minimize the gamers’ effort to relearning the control system by employing the game control method they are already used to (i.e. stepping on the different blocks of the dance mat for different directional input). All such adaptation is made to provide a smooth gaming experience for the gamers in the 45 second of gameplay and a highly digestible game content for children.

Featured Tech: 3D models, 2D perspective

In this very particular game, we want to keep the original 2D perspective that goes so well with the characters while playing with the 3D models for a more fluid graphics, more accurate representation of the poses and movements of the characters and greater flexibility and reusability to the artwork.


Project Management/ Kenix Wan, Quian Chow Creative Director/ Lennon Ho Designer/ Yan Au Motion Graphic Designer/ Aporia Lee Developer/ Kong Lee, Teddy Wong