Bliss Concept

McMug KINECT Installation at InnoCarnival 2014

20 November, 2014

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To follow the success of last two years, we co-operated with Bliss Concept Limited and Innovation and Technology Commission again to promote the technological achievements in InnoCarnival 2014 held in Hong Kong Science Park with the theme ”Technology for a Better Future”. This year, we aim at educating public about innovation technology through an interesting and brand-new activity “McMug Bun Scrambling Game”.


To draw the public attention to experience the remarkable achievements of innovation and technology out of 75 programmes, we decided to use KINECT technology with famous McMug and his friend May to be our main player characters.
By controlling and motivating the lovely characters, let visitors to gain an extremely special experience via innovative installation.


To experience the interactive sensory, we used the 2.5m height and 3.6 width LED wall with backdrop to present the fruitful and colorful screen and enhance the funny mood. McMug and his friend May were main players and play bun scrambling game.

Visitors are able to stand in front of the LED wall and control by hand movement to climb the bun mountain, and they need to climb and collect the buns. The higher buns on the mountain contain a higher score, and participants who get the higher scores will be the winner. During the game, different characters in McMug story, say Miss Chan Chan and Fai would pop up as hints according to detection result and guide participants to get higher scores. Funny sounds also drive the hyper atmosphere and attract visitors to join and play the interactive game.

Impressive result and enjoyment of the exciting were gained at the end and provided all participants a most rewarding, fabulous and unforgettable experience during whole event period!


Project Management/ Rainbow Wong Creative Director/ Lennon Ho Art Director/ Kelvin Choi Designer/ Sam Tsang, Ming Chan Developer/ Don Chan, Kong Lee, Toby Ho


rounds of game activated by players

players participated during event period

marks scored by participants in total