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McMug KINECT Installation at InnoCarnival 2015

14 December, 2015

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We worked with Bliss Concept Limited and Innovation and Technology Commission to promote the technology innovation in InnoCarnival 2015 at Hong Kong Science Park. This year, with the aim of promoting “Food Science”, we created a Kinect game to let children portray the McDull and McMug characters themselves and most importantly, let them learn about food science.


Using the more advanced Kinect technology, we extended the potential of this Kinect game by leveraging the upgraded 3D design on the setting of a running competition. The Kinect device is setup above the screen, detecting the number of players of the session and the body movements of the participants. To ensure the character was moving forward, the participants have to project the movements of walking or running to control the pace, the speed, and the direction of where the character was moving. Participants would be scored according to the consumption and nutrient value of different food. The participant having higher score will be the winner.


To make the installation even more eye-catching, we used the LED wall with the height and width of 2.5m and 3.6m for the Kinect game, broadcasting McMug and McDull running on the big screen.

We put stickers around the areas optimal for Kinect detection. Participants could wave at the sensor to activate the start of the game standing in the detectable area. Participants could use different body movements to control the character in the game. The Kinect would detect the speed of participants’ feet movements and assimilate those movements into the characters. Participants could even give a dodge on either the left or right side to avoid hitting the obstacles and food with little nutrient value for better result.

Everyone had fun. Participants were concentrating on taking the lead in the game. We all had a great time witnessing how people loved it. The brisk music in the background was also energizing. It was rewarding for our team to see how people would have shown their smiles in front of the screen.


Project Management/ Nikki Chan Creative Director/ Don Chan Designer/ Ming Chan Motion Graphic Designer/ Aporia Lee Developer/ Ryan Chan


rounds of game activated by players

players participated during event period

marks scored by participants in total