Bliss Concept

Mcmug x ITC App

10 November, 2012

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Through developing this mobile app, Bliss Concept and ITC would like to commend the contribution of the famous scientists and to let the public to understand more about their important inventions to this world.


This app contains altogether 6 sections in which different kinds of content are included. To enhance the attractiveness of this app, a mini-game is developed. Covering with the game story line, users can know the background and the inventions of each scientist they helped in the game. To catch up with the trend in taking photos with the mobile devices, a photo-taking section is also developed. Various kinds of photo frames are provided and users can take photos and match with the frame they like. Besides, some colorful and interesting mini stories about those famous scientists are included with a book-flipping effect. To coordinate with the InnoCarnival hold by ITC, a virtual stamp collection mechanism which is used to redeem gift at the booth is developed. New technology is used to create interaction between mobile devices and the on-site desktop through color recognition and web socket technology.