MetLife – “Dreams Come True” Lucky Draw Campaign

5 December, 2015

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To increase MetLife Brand Awareness, there are several promotion and campaign production in this year. This campaign is to engage visitors to join the MetLife promotion and increase more Facebook fans to visit MetLife campaign.


The campaign included 2 parts: “Dreams Come True” & “Lucky Draw”. The “Dreams Come True” minisite is to let MetLife fans to leave their wishes in their lanterns and share their dreams and happiness to their friends in the minisite and Facebook. All fans will has a chance in MetLife Luck Draw to wins the gifts and the most “Liked” fan will win the grand prize.


Because the campaign will be linked with social media and online ads, we develop a responsive website and it caters to mobile, tablet and desktop browser to let user to apply the form and join the event everywhere. Also, user can share their dreams in their Facebook feed to let their friends to “Like” their dreams and their friends will have chance to join the Lucky Draw, too.
At the client side, we provide the Content Management System for MetLife user to retrieve the data and it can help client to expand their customer base which is one of the important point. As a result, the campaign is very satisfied and around 7500 fans was joined.


Project Management/ Stephen Hui, Grace Chan Designer/ Ming Chan Developer/ Herman Lam, Chris Chan Programmer/ Henry Au


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