Microsoft Tech Day 2015

2 March, 2015

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Microsoft has organized an exhibition about IT recently which is called Tech‧Days Hong Kong 2015. In the exhibition, sponsors displayed different latest technology and also some latest advancements in IT. In order to align the high-technology’s theme and atmosphere of the exhibition, we have designed a Window Mobile apps for participants to exchange their contact in an innovative way and also a mini game to play for redemption.


Although exchanging name card is a simple and direct way to exchange the contact, we use an interactive solution can give a new experience to participants which can make this simple thing more fun and align with the theme of the exhibition.

We had also develop a mini game which is another Window Mobile apps to encourage participants to visit all of the booths. This is a win-win solution for both sponsors and the participants.


Utilization of NFC Technology
Participants would be given a Smart NFC Wristband when arrived to the exhibition center at registration counter. The NFC Wristband is just like your ID card when walking around in the center. Sponsors can using the Window Mobile apps to scan the NFC Wristband to save the participant’s contact in the assigned Window Mobile. And the contact will auto synchronized to cloud server in real time. Furthermore, this is very secure as there is no personal information but only the NFC ID stored in the wristband.

For the mini game, we have assigned another Window Mobile for all the sponsors and every Window Mobile will have a unique stamp. Participants can collect these stamps from different sponsors and using the collected stamps to redeem the prize. From sponsors point of view, this can help to draw more people to visit their booth while for participants can base on these stamps to redeem the prize without any extra effort.


Project Management/ Moski Mok, Kenix Wan, Derek Ho Creative Director/ Lennon Ho Art Director/ Kelvin Choi Copywriter/ Lala Lui Designer/ Cany Pun, Judy Zhou Developer/ Kong Lee, Don Chan, Chris Chan Programmer/ Jacky Siu, Gavin Tse, Henry Yau System Support/ Michael Leung, Endo Yeung



Received records of contact

Accumulated stamps collection