Mini Rice Cooker Trade-in Campaign

20 April, 2016

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Philips launched a trade-in campaign in March to raise the awareness of its new rice cooker, with an emphasis on the innovative design and a variety of recipes. The campaign aims to highlight the mini rice cooker are designed for all families, including its small size and multiple features which best satisfy today’s household needs.


The trade-in program, named “添飯大行動”, provided a quota of 100 registers to redeem a new cooker at half price by giving out an old rice cooker, on a first-come-first-served basis. How about the old ones? They would be donated to a local charity organization.


To execute the campaign creative and to create synergy with the existing Philips Kitchen cooking site, a mini campaign site was set up as a campaign hub that allows trade-in registration and product demonstration, also as an access to Philips Kitchen cooking site for more explorations of products and recipes.

Besides, the Philips Home Living Facebook page cooperated closely with the campaign. Preceding the campaign, a teaser feed had launched to raise the awareness and spread the noise. After the campaign, event photos have been uploaded to Facebook page and campaign site, sharing participants’ joy with all.

In addition to online arrangements, we also assisted Philips to hold this trade-in campaign at Philips service center in lining up event manpower, transportation, and the charity organization that will collects all the old rice cookers for recycling purpose.


Project Management/ Quian Chow, Kenix Wan Designer/ Judy Zhou Developer/ Bill Yu Programmer/ Vincent Fung


goal fulfillment

40 Mins
to achieve quotas

page views during rhe campaign period


  • Philips Electronics Mini Rice Cooker Digital Activation Campaign

    Excellence in Loyalty Marketing - Silver

    Marketing Excellence Awards 2016