MTR Light Rail Planner Backend Development

19 January, 2015

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With the popularity of the computer and mobile device, MTR launched many useful tools through digital platform. One of the famous tool is Journey Planner. Now, besides urban line version, MTR decided to develop the Light Rail Journey Planner on both MTR Website and MTR Mobile app. By suggesting the most efficient travelling path and providing important tour information, passenger would find how convenient to take MTR.


Light Rail, the most complex railway in Hong Kong, always make traveler confuse on planning the journey. Since mobiles are becoming popular, we think that the clearest interface on MTR Mobile app and considerate journey suggestion are the best approaches on Light Rail Planner.


Full considerate journey suggestion
How short is the path? How many times do the passenger need to exchange? What’s the total time spent? To provide a good suggestion, all above considerations are already included in the calculation logic.

High System Flexibility
Due to rail maintenance or other impact, the rail line, lead time, interchange station may be changed from time to time. A high flexibility system is capable to cater the changes and return updated suggestions correctly.

High Performance
To ensure the performance would not be affected under poor network environment or mobile device, all suggestions are already calculated and results are stored in local storage.