MTR Academy Corporate Website Development

4 December, 2016

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High quality railway services are critically important to the future of fast-growing cities around the world as a driver of economic development and to provide the essential mobility to support the way that citizens want to live their daily lives. Foreseeing the increasing need for highly capable railway-related professionals, the MTR Academy, a wholly owned subsidiary of MTR Corporation, has been established as a global training and research hub that upholds and further develops world-class performance and creates success.

In order to offer different courses and programmes to the general public, a website is desired to serve as the communication platform which allows enrollment of different courses, programmes and events as well as the information hub for different target audiences who is interested in understanding the objective, vision of and services offered by MTR Academy.


To assist MTR Academy to achieve its objective and further enhance the conversion, Pacificlink and MTR Academy team has joined force and work closely to design various enrollment processes based on the business needs, meanwhile latest design, user experience and technology trend such as material UI, navigation-friendly design, online payment portal and web custom search is adopted in order to ultimately streamline the enrollment process and optimize the user experience of the website, as well as taking care of the aesthetics aspect of the website. On top of these, recognizing the ever well-known mobile-first trend, responsive feature is applied as well to make the whole website adaptive to different currently typical devices, from desktop, to mobile devices such as tablets and mobile phones. Undoubtedly, other functions such as online enquiry are available to strengthen position of the website of serving as an information hub and communication platform.

Apart from catering for various business needs, emphasis of the sustainability of the website such as constant update of content is also well placed. To echo this focus, a web-based comprehensive content management system (CMS) has been developed to allow the website administrators to freely edit the content of the website, anytime and anywhere. Furthermore, a monitoring system is created to allow administrators to monitor and manage the status and information of the courses, programmes and events and corresponding enrollment record, with the implementation of intensive information security measures to govern and protect the data stored. Last but not least, various report exporting function is created to facilitate the utilization of the data stored in the system by the administrators.


Project Management/ Terry Luk, Kenix Wan Creative Director/ Steven Lee Designer/ Judy Zhou, Yan Au Developer/ Alan Ho, Cyrus Au Programmer/ Kening Li, Hermes Ng, Alan Choy System Support/ Michael Leung, Harvey Tang