Estée Lauder

New Advanced Night Repair Facebook Campaign

19 August, 2013

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Can not enough sleep make your skin in good quality? The answer is definitely YES!

Estee Lauder New Advanced Night Repair supports skin’s natural nighttime purification process vital to younger-looking skin!

In digital platform, we support not only sample registration, and celebrities’ product review sharing, but also full digital development on Estee Lauder truck event (named as “失眠肌膚拯救隊”).

During the whole event, digital questionnaire is prepared to interact with fans, and the result shown on the truck immediately to draw attention to passer-by. Also, interactive iPad product catalog is built to explain the product’s study and research in a funny way. Estee Lauder may even strengthen the viral effect by taking photo with sharing to fan’s facebook timeline by iPad application, so as to spread out how HK lady with maximizing skin’s natural nightly renewal like never by ANR!

Do you want to retrieve your skin even though you are lack of sleep? Let’s act now and share, you may be able to win the New Advanced Night Repair!