Estée Lauder

New Dimension Launch Campaign

30 October, 2015

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Estée Lauder has launched a new product New Dimension to the market in Sep 2015. The basic objective is to drive mass awareness of New Dimension launch from digital campaign and create noise in the market. And then attract target audience to product trail and visit the counters and shops of Estée Lauder.


The product is a new launch for Estée Lauder so that we have to let our target audience knows more about the product benefits and product advocacy. By sampling, we can arise more interest towards the new products. And we want everyone who interested in the product understand about the product. At the same time, we could attract the traffic to Estée Lauder’s stores and counters by the free sampling. And the numerous people got the sample is a valuable source of WOM and we can make use of their opinions afterward.


Before target audience can register their sample online, they are directed to a set of 3 questions. The question set is to positively lead the target audience to know about the product benefits. After answering all questions and then they can register a sample. To get the trail product, they have to visit their chosen store. At the same time this execution increase the traffic to store and more sales opportunity.

Product’s advocate a 14-day usage. We will send a follow-up SMS to those who has redeemed the sample at the exact 14th day and ask for their testimonial and rating on product. The collection is a great WOM from real users in the market.

We also developed an iPad app for education purpose. It is used for the store sales at store to educate about how the product can shape contour. The sharing image function in app creates more online exposure.


Project Management/ Ray Tang, Nicole Tsang, Sandy Lee Creative Director/ Steven Lee Art Director/ Natalie Wan Copywriter/ Lala Lui Developer/ Snowie Mok, Cyrus Au Programmer/ Silver Lam, Vincent Fung


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