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Nutritious Vitality8TM Power Up Team

30 July, 2015

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Estée Lauder’s New Nutritious Vitality8TM is a newly formulated product set. To ensure the launch of the product set is as exciting as ever, Estée Lauder is inviting potential customers to have a fun and engaging experience right inside a Combi van loading with dazzling interactive installation and of course free sample giveaways.


Estée Lauder is to host a mobile van event to provide a 5-sense interactive experience around Hong Kong. Pedestrians can see the pomegranate themed Combi van, illustrated with the pomegranate (the main ingredient of the New Nutritious Vitality8TM Formula), wheeling across the streets attracting passers-by with the music and fragrance engulfing the area around the van. When passers-by approach the van, Estée Lauder will offer them samples of the new product and a pomegranate teabag in a way to allow them to enjoy a “doubled” pleasure of Nutritious Vitality 8TM. Inside the van, a Vitality Index Detector is installed to let our guests check their vitality level.


Our interactive solution is to have the van installed with the Vitality Index Detector travelling around Hong Kong and invite any guests who would love to know about their vitality level to know more about our product. The whole process is likely entertaining to the guests because all they need to do is basically placing their hand on the detector and the result and their free sample will be delivered to them in no time.
The Facebook tab page and mobile site, the extensions of the digital activation offline to online, have a similar test. The offline result generated on the van can be shared to Facebook, directing some of the friends of our guests to be taking the test when they click on their friends’ result feed.
There is a great chance that some of our potential customers are driven to the online Facebook tab page and mobile site merely by the online way. We have therefore built an online sample registration form to make sure those customers can still make a sample registration online to redeem a sample offline. This will again drive a decent amount of traffic to stores and counters of Estée Lauder.


Project Management/ Ray Tang, Nicole Tsang Art Director/ Natalie Wan Copywriter/ Lala Lui Developer/ Kong Lee, Soya Yip, Herman Lam, Chris Chan Programmer/ Lung Chan, Silver Lam


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  • Estée Lauder Nutritious Vitality8TM Power Up Team

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