Hong Kong Express

“Our Birthday, Your Gift” Giveaway Campaign

30 October, 2015

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Hong Kong Express is celebrating their 2nd anniversary and would like to share their joyful moment with their fans. The online campaign is to share their promo code, cash voucher and free ticket with fans visit our mini site.


Their “Our Birthday, Your Gift” clearly tell the idea is to give away gifts to fans, celebrating together and sharing joy. The idea is direct and simple. We want to share our joy with every fan participate with us. Everyone come visit us is entitled a gift. So we build a unwrap-gift counter for fans.


We have developed an online platform with promo code, voucher and free tickets pre-set in order. All fans know the order of gifts and each fans come visit us can unwrap a gift. All fans can win a gift but it is only a matter of priority of visiting to win a free-ticket. Before you win a free-ticket, you may play the game every day until the campaign end. This can create a re-visit behavior during the whole campaign period.


Project Management/ Ray Tang Art Director/ Natalie Wan Developer/ Snowie Mok Programmer/ Lung Chan, Vincent Fung


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  • HK Express Our Birthday, Your Gift!

    Silver in Best Use of Limited Budget

    Mob-ex Awards 2016