Our Unforgettable Moments

2 March, 2015

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Valentine’s day is a well-known festival in many countries around the world, especially it is a romantic and memorial festival towards couples in Hong Kong. Through the online campaign co-operate with creative digital agency in these sweet moments, PANDORA would like to create emotional bonding and trigger connection with fans, as well as reinforce brand image and increase awareness of seasonal product softly by digital marketing.


To target all warm and sweet couples as well as the friend with remarkable moments, we would like to create a way to let them express the love message and review the unforgettable moment without word, but photo. The past photos are the great evidence and memory towards human being. Let’s connect those remarkable moments to be an emotional video with touching background music as a memorable gift during Valentine’s day.


To have the better user experience with mobile marketing and viral the video online, we create the Facebook tab with desktop and mobile version to fit both user behavior with few actions. An elegant PANDORA video frame is made, and invite fans to select specific target and related photo are generated automatically.

Participants are encouraged to select the photos which tagged with specific friend. The upload date and photo captions will be generated by Facebook intelligently, which is able to recall both user’s and receiver’s memory. User also allows select the date they meet and create the only secret between them. Branding and emotional frames are used to attract user’ attention, and build the brand images for PANDORA during the valentine’s festival.

Video is allowed to share with friend’s timeline or PANDORA’s fan page gallery. Once the video is ready, a Facebook notification will alert user and he/she can get a prompt notice on it. Then both of the user and his/her friend will be able to watch and review their unforgettable moment via the warm application!


Project Management/ Kenix Wan, Rainbow Wong Art Director/ Kelvin Choi, Kat Lam Designer/ Judy Zhou Developer/ Snowie Mok, Bill Yu, Herman Lam, Kong Lung Programmer/ Lung Chan, Lynn Chan System Support/ Harvey Tang



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videos were generated in 30 days


  • Pandora Our Unforgettable Moments

    Best Consumer Goods Rich Media Online Campaign

    2016 Internet Advertising Competition (IAC)