Philips Ambassador Programme – Air Purifier

12 December, 2014

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In order to educate citizens that the home’s air quality can cause different kind of health problems, Philips would like to spread out the message that their new type of Air Purifier can greatly enhance the home’s air quality. And hence they sought for a professional team helps them to bring this message to the target users.


To let the users trying the Air Purifier is the most direct way for the target users to understand how good the product is. They can share their good experience to their friends after using and hence more people knows the Air Purifier.


To set up a Facebook campaign site which used for recruiting the ambassadors to try the Air Purifier. The qualified ambassadors are having many fans in their Facebook’s fans page, personal blog or other social media platforms. And they helped to share the using tips, comments about the Air Purifier after trying in their social media platforms. The real comments shared in different social media can greatly help to viral the message.

Other ambassador programmes keep coming!


over 150 participants within 1.5 weeks

Almost 2,000 visitors interested to the campaign

More than 20 well-known KOL joined the programme